Hiiiiiiiiiii, I’m SO excited to share this news! We are renovating our blog! What does this mean?

  1. Things are about to get a whole lot prettier!

  2. We’re holding off on new content until the reno is complete. #DEMODAY

  3. You can still view all our current blog posts while you wait! Browse some of our most popular posts below and view our most recent work on Instagram - @cassiclaire!!


xo, Cassi

Cassi Claire is a world-traveling wedding photographer that’s obsessed with love stories, design, fashion, and all-things-happy! She’s a totally normal level of obsessed with her husband Christopher and her two cats Penny & Sasha.
Okay, a mostly normal level of obsessed.


Ever since I teased this BIG NEWS last week on social media, I've received so many texts, emails, and messages asking what it is!! I should keep secrets more often!!! ;)



Two weeks ago, I celebrated my FIVE year full-time-wedding-photographer-iversary! I don't want to get too mushy-gushy, but suffice it to say, I'm pretty dang proud. FIVE YEARS?! I remember when I first took the leap, I thought to myself...What's the worst that can happen? I fail miserably and have to get another job? I can do that. 

Five years later, I'm dreaming big again and making another huge leap of faith!!! I'm so excited to introduce our very first Team Photographer! Why? Because my heart feels so sad every time I have to turn away an incredible couple because I'm already booked. I'm pretty sure I've uttered the phrase "I just wish I had a clone!!!" like a thousand times. While Lauren might not be an exact clone (although she could be Jennifer Aniston's!!), she's pretty dang close! I know the questions are coming, so I'm going to pretend interview myself on your behalf...you're welcome! :)


when did all this start?

We began accepting Cassi & Co. team wedding commissions a few months ago! I've been introducing Lauren to couples when I'm already booked for their date and they are SO happy to have the option for someone in the Cassi Claire family!!!

who is this Lauren character??

Actually, many of my past couples have already met Lauren so they can vouch for her awesomeness! Lauren has been photographing weddings with me since the beginning. We shot our first wedding together in 2011 and have worked together countless times over the past 5 years. She has been my favorite second photographer and #DREAMTEAM go-to lady. I love her vision so much that she actually helped photograph my own wedding day! And even though our Canon vs. Nikon rivalry runs deep, I love her nonetheless! Check out her bio from our pricing guide below!


but Cassi, I thought you were a boutique and you only accept 15 weddings per year?!

YES, and I personally will continue to accept a limited number of commissions per year! I looooove to build genuine friendships with my couples - I've actually lost count of how many of my brides have asked me to help them decide on their wedding dress (including texts from the dressing room)...is there a greater trust than that?!!? I mean, WOW. I live for those moments, and so does Lauren! Lauren will be accepting 10 or less wedding commissions each year to make sure each couple is well cared for!


so how does the Cassi & Co. Experience differ?

There are two options now: (1) the Cassi Claire Experience and (2) the Cassi & Co. Team Experience. Both are GREAT options, if I do say so myself! The Cassi Claire Experience will be the same as always - little fun surprises throughout, as much email attention as needed, wedding day timeline creation, same-day slideshows, featured blog posts, optional in-person preview sessions (a time to see all the heirloom product options), a final gallery curated by Cassi Claire with each photo individually edited, and so much more!

The Cassi & Co. Team Experience is very similar, but since it is offered at a slightly lower price-point, there are some differences. Think of it as the experience without all the bells & whistles! For starters, Lauren is an artist so she has her own unique shooting style. The photographs she creates will represent her vision of the day, and then they will all be edited in our signature bright & happy style by our AMAZING private editor. While certain bonus items are not included (same-day slideshows, preview sessions, etc.), the experience is still complete in every way! We always include at least 8 hours of coverage, a second photographer, and the high-res edited images in an online gallery (great for sharing).


will there eventually be more Team Photographers?

Yes! Without giving too much away, we may or may not be training our second Team Photographer all of this year!! ;)

how do we book Lauren for our wedding or find out more info?

Send me an email!! cassi@cassiclaire.com


I am over-the-moon excited about this! It is a huge leap of faith, but I truly feel this is the direction God is calling my business and when He calls, He provides!! I won't lie, I was terrified of this idea at first. TERRIFIED. Can I really do this? What if I fail? But lately all I feel is JOY and overwhelming peace!! I feel like every moment of the past five years has led me to today. It's exhilarating!!!

Thank you so much for sharing in my excitement!! If you made it this far, you're a champion! XOXOXOX!!!

PS: All the wedding photos in this post were taken by Lauren while she was second shooting for me! Amazing right?!


Man, this post was HARD!! When we first moved into our new home last-last December (2014), I couldn't wait to share photos with everyone! The problem was...we had nothing. Moving from a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn meant 90% of our new house was empty...like totally empty! We had to furnish an ENTIRE house! A big four-bedroom, three-story HOUSE. And that's not a complaint, trust me. We realize how incredibly blessed we are to have this home and will never take it for granted! <3

But thank the Lord for Ikea and a husband who thrives on furniture assembly! After a bulk delivery from Ikea which filled our entire dining room with boxes, we spent weeks (possibly months, it's all a blur now) putting together piece after piece. I was starting to wonder if life could exist without step-by-step instructions and cam locks! But alas, over a year later, we have most of the furniture we set out to get and even started decorating!

Photographing our home has turned out to be my most challenging work yet! The cleaning, the primping, waiting for perfect lighting...I assure you, it doesn't always look this CLEAN! I wish it did, but let's be real...we eat dinner on our coffee table like the rest of the world! :) I hope you enjoy this home tour and I'll try to point out where things were from in case you're inspired! Most everything is from Ikea and Target!

Our living room is our oasis...the highlight being our light blue Ikea couch! It sadly looks like Ikea doesn't offer the same shade anymore, but here's a similar one!


Two of my favorite coffee table books (photography, stories, and design - yes please!): Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton (follow him on facebook if you don't already) and All in Good Taste by Kate Spade.

This "I Choose You" print from Southern Weddings shop sits below Chris and my favorite wedding photo and above our wedding album.

The lamp = Target!


I love the open floor plan of the downstairs, and we love how seamlessly the dining room and living room flow together. The couch and wall color matching was sort of an accident - a happy one of course! Looong story short, we picked the couch and wall color a few weeks apart without correlating the two at all...our subconscious must just REALLY love this color. Well, so does our regular conscious...our un-subconscious? Superconscious? 

Basically everything in this photo is Ikea...table, chairs, mirror, candlesticks! 


This is the view from the kitchen entrance...that door leads to the basement! On the left side (not pictured) is a coat closet and a half-bathroom (powder room?). To the right is a backdoor that leads out to the deck!


My happy place...our kitchen! We had ONE counter in Brooklyn and it was big enough for our dish rack only. This is paradise! And there's a dishwasher!!! Can you believe it?!

If you don't know this already, I'm a bit of a organization freak. If it involves alphabetizing, purging (eh hem, curating), or systematizing...I am your girl! I think I've been waiting my whole life to organize a spice drawer haha!! :)


All white everything, of course!

My "Preview Session" room! This is where my couples come to choose their albums, folios, canvases, frames, etc. The chaise is from Target, but I was lucky enough to get it on sale. 

Ikea's Liatorp coffee table is perfect for showing off sample album cover swatches and frame styles!

Ahh the office...this is where I spend most of my days (not the playground). Because I'm at my desk so much, I decided to invest in an adjustable standing desk from Ikea! It turns out sitting all day turns you into a BUM! The nice part is when I want to be a bum, I can still choose to sit. The desk is electric and moves up and down just by pressing a button! 

The guestroom!! The bed is from...you guessed it...Ikea!! It pulls out into a King bed so we can host our married friends from out of town!

I love the schoolhouse style lamp from Target!

The guestroom is decorated with some of my favorite old family photos. 


Our bedroom! It's actually probably the most boring room in the house haha! We like to keep a really simple bedroom space so we can unwind from the day without feeling cluttered. There's a master bathroom and two closets, but that's about it. Our bedding is from West Elm!

And I'll end with a real labor of love - my closet!! Some girls wanted ponies, but I dreamed of having my own walk-in closet full of beautiful dresses! As a girl who grew up shopping at K-mart and thrift stores, I never thought that dream would actually come true! Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with cheap clothes. Half of what you see is from Walmart or Forever 21 haha! I completely customized the closet using Ikea's PAX closet planner, and it took Chris and I about a day to assemble and install it. We also happened to order right when all the PAX items were on sale, so the entire closet was cheaper than the cost of ONE dresser! Double-dream come true! :)


My tulle skirts are in heaven! 

PHEW! You made it to the end!!! This isn't the entire house, but it's most of it. We left out the bathrooms because toilets, ew. We also need to finish furnishing the basement (our game & hangout zone complete with a dart board!) and backyard (fire pit coming this summer!), but we are so proud of the progress we've made so far! This house is more than anything we've ever dreamed of and most importantly, we LOVE filling it with family and friends! I'm a hostess at heart, so I look forward to cleaning up spilled wine from laughing too hard, loading the dishwasher after a great dinner with the family, and countless cups of tea with friends that just want to stop by and say hi! We look forward to backyard BBQs, Christmas parties, Sunday dinners, and eventually some rugrats to fill the halls with giggles and trouble! I said eventually Dad, no we're NOT expecting! ;)