For a wedding photographer, taking a vacation in the summer isn't really an option. But by some strange fluke, I only had two weddings to photograph in August! Which meant it was time to take a weekend trip up to my favorite place on earth, CAMP-of-the-WOODS. I worked there on full-time staff for 4 years, and even though it's been 2 years since I left to get married and start my business, I still know lots of incredible people up there! In some ways it felt as though nothing changed. I absolutely love how there are just some people who you can not see for a long time, but you pick up conversation like you just saw each other yesterday!  CAMP-of-the-WOODS breeds those people!  Sigh, I miss it already.


My ex-roomie bought the old Chinese food place in town and turned it into a BEAUTIFUL bakery & cafe! So proud of her! That pink deer head used to reside in our living room! 


My darling husband patiently waiting for me to stop taking pictures and eat breakfast haha! Neverrrr!


All of these places are so filled with memories! The middle picture is the giant chapel that hundreds of people visit everyday!


We played so much mini-golf, shuffleboard, and all the other fun games we didn't have time for as staff members!


Breakfast at one of our old staples, Mountain Market. The only place with decent pizza in a 50 mile radius!


Loved visiting toward the end of their busy summer season...empty beach!


Chris: "Really? You really need a photo of me cleaning my feet?"  Me: "Yes."


He barely even needs to jump to dunk! In case you're wondering, because I know you are, he's 6' 5.5"! 


Our hosts for the weekend and also some of my favorite people ever! Jill is my sister/mother/bff/cooking instructor! I love her!


Chris is all trained up on back-button focusing! He did such a good job!! :)