Christina is an aspiring model, so I was thrilled when she came to me for some updated portfolio images. You may remember Christina from her portrait session with me last year.  Last year we embraced a softer look. This year we went straight for the edge! This girl rocked animal prints, leather pants, 6" heels and a killer hair-style. We spent two days roaming around Union Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, Bay Ridge, and, of course, the subway stations!

While Christina was modeling at the awesome red fire department door above, a clothing designer (and artist - Lamar Landers) asked to borrow Christina. He was visiting NYC and had a model lined up to wear one of his sweatshirt designs, but it fell through at the last minute. So Christina was lucky enough to do some actual modeling while visiting! And bonus, he let her keep the sweatshirt in return! :)

I love Union Square! There's always something awesome to see...from farmer's markets to people who make giant bubbles!