I'm so in love with my new business cards!  I have loved Moo since my very first batch of business cards a few years ago, but they recently released their new Luxe Business Cards and I'm convinced my life will never be the same! :)

I am a mega-believer in offering the highest quality items to represent my business. From the albums I offer to the gear I use to the tiny little cards I hand out to strangers! And sometimes that means paying a little extra, but it's totally worth it!  Yes, you could get like 4,000 business cards from VistaPrint for the same amount I paid for 250 cards...but to me a card has one purpose: to impress. Okay two purposes: to impress and to get my contact info into their hands.

It is so fun to hand someone a card and hear "Oh wow, these are really nice!" And because it is a really nice card, it makes me think it has less of a chance of ending up in the nearest trash can! Hey, a girl can dream right?

Another reason why I am a lover of Moo...their packaging. How stinkin' cute are these stickers?


And these boxes?? Love the purple ribbon and I adore the wax seal!


Oh, hello high-quality storage box! You were completely unexpected, and I totally love you!  Like the black trim on the outside of the cards? That's actually its own layer of paper! These cards are made of 3 layers of quality cardstock smooshed that how you spell smooshed?? Smushed? Schmuuuuushed?? 


And here are my new cards! Love that I was able to custom design them to match my branding! And no I am not the world's biggest narcissist (maybe 2nd biggest?)...I put my photo on my cards because I am frequently passing them out at networking events where we are all meeting dozens of people in a short amount of time. I can safely say that I won't remember half of the names I am introduced to, but I will remember the faces. Maybe it's because I'm a photographer and I think in photos, but I'm sure I'm not the only one out there! Anyway, thank you Moo for constantly being on the front line of quality products! :)