The hubs and I are so so so so so in love with our new church here in Brooklyn! We spent a few weeks looking for the "perfect" place, and we knew it was Cornerstone Church after our first visit. Cornerstone has a relaxed and comfortable nature, but also makes us feel challenged and encourages us to grow with God. We absolutely love the worship - just a drum, a guitar, and lovely voices! I like to affectionately refer to this as "hippie-style worship."  The preaching (by Pastor Nathan Tubbs) is phenomenal.  Nathan has a gift of being able to seem conversational as if he is speaking directly to you.  We love it!

Nate and Lesley (his darling wife!) needed an updated prayer card for their ministry. I was so happy to help seeing as wedding season won't start for a little while longer - aka I've been craving photo sessions! It was so much fun to not only take their picture, but to be able to spend some time in Photoshop designing their card.  I have been soaking in tons and tons of business knowledge in these empty weeks, so it felt so good to use the other side of my brain again! Here is a sneak peek at their finalized prayer card!