Phew, that's a lot of C's! I am so beyond excited to share my brand new logo! I worked with the amazingly talented Jen from Paper Sushi to create the perfect new look for my brand. Creating a custom font was so important to me - I knew I wanted something completely unique that couldn't be copied. The font I was using previously (Bombshell Pro) basically became an overnight celebrity (the "it girl" of fonts), and I realized that any pre-designed font that could be purchased can and would be used by other people. The only way to have something truly unique was to have it hand-lettered by a designer. I searched Google, Pinterest, and Etsy for weeks until I finally stumbled across Jen. Jen is well-known on Etsy for her beautiful custom stamps. She even custom designs stamps for save-the-dates and wedding invitations (hint hint brides-to-be!).

I contacted Jen with some hesitation because I really had no idea how to verbalize what I wanted - mostly because I couldn't even begin to picture what I wanted. I knew I wanted something that was playful and fun, but also clean and beautiful. Essentially, I was looking for something that communicated my photography style via calligraphy - which seemed an impossible feat! The first few designs were a bit too playful for my taste (because of my lack of super fancy typography vocabulary!)...


But then, it was like Jen walked directly into my brain and took what I couldn't verbalize. She created a masterpiece! It's EXACTLY what I was looking for and I didn't even know it! Without further ado, here is my new favorite calligraphy ever! :)


I love how Jen was able to convey my fun side with slightly playful "i's" - they are not quite in line with the rest of the letters. She kept the lettering clean and beautiful, but it doesn't feel stiff or uninviting.  Jen even created this perfect tilted version for me to use as my signature! I love it!


As you can tell, I am in awe of Jen's work and am beyond excited to start introducing the new look! I already updated my website and blog, and I'll eventually get around to updating all the other places my logo appears. What do you guys think? Is Jen awesome or is she awesome? :)

Jen, you make me feel like I just got picked first for dodge ball! Thanks for everything!