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Disney World is one of the few places that can make you simultaneously feel like a 5 year old and like you can conquer any dream you’ve ever had! When I first saw the phrase “it was all started by a mouse” on display, I was reminded that we all start somewhere and it was comforting. Of course, I then IMMEDIATELY freaked out about how I’ve accomplished nothing in life and I’ll NEVER be able to dream this big! Imagine creating an entire culture that unites people from all over the globe…a world that makes everyone feel accepted and loved…that is so powerful you want to buy and wear mouse ears IN PUBLIC…a world filled with romance and proposals! Do you think Walt himself ever imagined couples falling in love and starting their lives together in front of a castle he dreamed up?

From the thrilling rides to the awe-inspiring fireworks display to the Dole Whips, it’s no wonder Taylor and Joey fell in love during their visits to Magic Kingdom in Disney World. Knowing and sharing Taylor’s deep love for all-things-Disney, Joey knew his proposal needed to be MAGICAL. And does a more magical place exist than the front of Cinderella’s castle? Taylor, an actress and dancer, dreams of someday being cast in a role within the park. Seeing as she’s a princess inside and out, I think that dream will be realized in no time! Taylor and her prince Joey live in Orlando and will be celebrating their wedding at Bella Collina next year!


Cassi Claire is a Florida, New Jersey, and Destination wedding photographer that creates joyful, romantic, and timeless photographs.