I have to try and stop myself from being super jealous of Diane. She lived in San Diego, has awesome hair, and works at the coolest place in the world...Etsy headquarters in Brooklyn. She's also an incredible photographer in her free time.  I had to stop myself from jumping up and down when she offered to take me on a tour of Etsy! I was playing it cool on the outside, but inside I was dancing to "Walking on Sunshine."  I was also trying to play it cool during the tour, so I didn't take as many photos as I wished I did. As much as I boast about having no shame, in a room full of really cool hipsters I didn't want to be "that girl!" So, without further ado, here are a couple of the photos I managed to snag while there...

The entrance way was lined with plants and cool lamps...I'm really not surprised!


Apparently this crazy paper-made owl guy is Etsy's un-official mascot! He's been there since day one! Oh, and that much smaller owl on the dress form was a Halloween costume made and worn by a staff member!


Behind those curtains is where the cool kids hang's this awesome lounge area with couches! You know it's cool because there are privacy curtains that say "Etsy!"


Etsy headquarters is so much bigger than I imagined! Not gonna lie, I imaged like 20 computer geeks sitting around programming. Turns out they have 3 floors worth of employees each with personally decorated office areas. Wish I had taken more photos of the hugeness, but again, didn't want to be that girl.


That room on the right is a phone booth! They have all sorts of different themed phone rooms, including an Evil Villain room!!


Oh, and people can totally bring their dogs to work. AWESOME.


Diane and I enjoying "Eatsy" aka one of Etsy's catered staff meals. They do them twice a week - how stinkin' nice!! Although, this was a super special day...vegan AND gluten-free. Hmmm, if there was any doubt before, it's been eradicated - I definitely enjoy meat and carbs.


Diane showing me her Amazon friend and then being sad that the photobooth was out of order. Our hearts broke! Thank you so much for the awesome tour Diane!! You are one lucky gal to work at such an AMAZING company!! You rock! :)