So, you know what's awesome? Opening up an email from Etsy, scrolling through lots of pretty wedding inspiration, and then...BAM, seeing a photo you took! It actually caught me so off guard that my first thought was "hey, I photographed a wedding with those same hangers...and those same bridesmaids dresses...and wait, wasn't one of them named Christine too?" 

The photo is of these beautiful personalized wedding hangers by Morgann Hill of Bragging Bags. The lovely Keri bought these for her bridesmaids for her summer wedding at the Madison Hotel. They were the perfect way to accent the gorgeous blush Amsale dresses in photos! I think hangers are the number one most forgotten item on a wedding day. Sure, every bride wants beautiful photos of her dress...but those cheap plastic and wire hangers make even the most gorgeous dress look a bit drab. For that reason, I always bring a classic wooden hanger with me on the day of the wedding...but custom hangers like these trump anything that I could bring! Congrats Morgann on having your beautiful creations featured to such a large audience!! So glad I could share in a tiny portion of your fame! :)