My blog is full of photos. Photos of beautiful couples in love and their friends and families. I LOVE being able to capture a little bit of their story. A little bit of who they are. But today...today I get to share a little bit of my story, a little bit of who my family is. When my younger brother, Fred, called to tell me that he proposed to Michelle, I honestly thought he was pulling my leg. This is the same brother who swore he wouldn't get married until he was 40!

Fred and Michelle have been together for five years, and for about two of those years the whole family has been busting on them about marriage. Of course, I was ecstatic when I finally decided to believe him (the photo of the ring helped). He proposed in front of a light house in Martha's Vineyard - one of their favorite places! I am holding out hope that the wedding will be in Martha's Vineyard, as I'm kind of obsessed with Gilmore Girls and this will be like the wedding Rory and Logan never got to have. Aaaaanyway. I am so thrilled for Fred and Michelle, and am so happy to finally have some great photos of my family from their engagement party at the Glenburn Estate in Riverdale, NJ!


So happy to finally have a great photo of my beautiful parents!! My step-mom Lisa has lost 70 pounds in the past year! Doesn't she look INCREDIBLE?! Oh, and my dad is down 20 pounds! He always gets over shadowed by Lisa, but I am SOOO proud of him! So proud of them both! :)


The Glenburn Estate is the house I always dreamed of buying when I grew up. I guess that dream is dead now because the town bought it a few years ago and turned it into a community landmark. I'm pretty okay with that though because now we can all share it! It is really cool that they preserved the history of it...like this wedding attire from one of the original owners! 


My adorable brother and his adorable fiancΓ©e, Michelle! 


Some of my cousins and my aunti! I'm the one in the incredibly obnoxious adorable burnt-orange dress!


The two moms attempting to give a speech through their tears!! :)


Love this shot of the whole family! Well, everyone who was there anyway! 


These are my parents' best friends, Brian and Kelly! I looove them!! 


The three siblings and our other halves! I love my brothers!