Thanksgiving is defined as "a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year." Well, I would definitely call all of these amazing gifts from my sweet couples "a blessing of the harvest!" Throughout the year, I have collected such sweet thank-you notes, gifts, favors, and all sorts of love from my incredible wedding couples. I didn't realize how blessed I had been until I looked at the pile of loot next to my desk today! I mean, WOW! I have been showered with love and affection from some of the best people I know, and it's honestly overwhelming (in the best way possible!).

So today, I want to thank each and every couple who invited me into their wedding adventures! I've loved laughing with you, being the first to see your wedding dress months before the wedding (and sometimes even helping you decide between two dresses!!), crying with you as you walked down the aisle, and dancing with you in the middle of the dance floor. I've loved seeing your face light up as you view your wedding album design for the first time, and the joy wash over you as you remember moments of the day you had forgotten. I've loved feeling like your wedding day BFF and not just a "wedding vendor." And mostly, I love that this year was totally just the beginning of our friendship! I'm so thankful for the year we've had and all the years to come!! <3


I left Steph and Vance's wedding feeling like I had attended a birthday party in my honor haha! As soon as I walked through the door, Steph greeted me with two beautifully wrapped gifts - one just for me, and one for me and Chris! Inside was a beautiful necklace (which I wear ALL THE TIME) and a $100 gift card to Sushi Samba (um, YUM!). 


On our way out, Steph and Vance both made sure we got to take a favor each, and these favors were no joke! Steph scoured the internet to find each unique vintage milk ice cream bowl - amazing! We actually just used them again last night...we have a mint chocolate chip addiction! :)


This was our feast from Sushi Samba that I instagrammed! Mmmmm, sooooo goood!


Brendan and Jenna were so sweet to surprise Chris and I with this Macaron Class at Mille-feuille! They knew our addiction for the creamy, yet light and airy dessert! We can't wait to finally use this certificate now that our season is coming to a close (and before it expires - yikes!).


I love that they even found a camera card!!


This is the oh-so-sweet Nicole (of Nicole and Oscar), who invited Chris and I to their rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. At the dinner, Nicole surprised her bridesmaids with clutches that she made BY HAND. Herself. With her own hands. And probably a sewing machine. I thought it was the sweetest gift ever...and then she pushed a box towards me labeled with my name. NO WAY. Did I get one too?! I did...I did get one too! I think I had tears in my eyes (not I think, I know...). As you can see from this instagram, the clutch happened to perfectly match the skirt I was wearing (even the bow)!


She even specifically chose polka dots on the inside just for me! Words seriously cannot do justice the amount of thanks and love in my heart!


Patrick and Katie blessed me several times throughout the year, starting with these Get Well flowers they had delivered to my house after our not-so-great-European-adventure. "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together." I am still blown away by their thoughtfulness and wisdom!


Katie surprised me on the wedding day with this sweet bracelet made by her new mother-in-law! She asked Carmela to make one for all of her bridesmaids and me! I was once again in complete awe of their generosity! Oh and when we got together after the wedding for their preview session, they brought me this adorable spoon from their Hawaiian honeymoon! The first thing I said was "HOW DID YOU KNOW I LOVE TINY THINGS?!" I'm not even kidding, I love all mini things! Especially spoons haha! When I was in college, I actually bought iced tea spoons to use as my secondary utensil (primary was chopsticks!) - seriously, I'm so weird.


Patrick also created this special "Cassi Claire Photography Edition" Wonka Golden Ticket! How stinkin' cute?!


Okay, this one is actually not from a client...but it was so cute and I'm so thankful for it so I had to include it! This adorable card arrived on Valentine's Day from Amy Gray! Amy is a fellow photographer and is cute as can be! Amy, you still owe me a lunch date haha! :)


I let it slip to Alan and Iliza how much Chris and I looove Ticket to Ride (the USA version) during their preview session. They then told me all about how awesome the European version is and how we must get it, to which I replied "It's going on the Christmas list as soon as I get home!" Two days later, this beautiful gold box arrived with this sweet note:

"Dear Cassi and Chris: We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful memories that you captured of our day. Congrats on being new homeowners! We hope this is a good addition to the new game room! Love Iliza and Alan"


Is this real life?! I can't get over how incredibly surprised I was! I seriously cannot wait to move into our new home and host a game night with the newlyweds! :)

Last but definitely not least...Scott and Kathleen brought us back a bottle of wine from their New Zealand honeymoon! We of course cracked it open right away - it'd be criminal not to! ;)


And I was trying to think of a tactful way to do this, but I'm at a loss haha...soooo, thank you to all of my wonderful couples who surprised us with cash tips at the end of the night! It was sooo unnecessary but so generous of you and greatly appreciated! Nothing says 'I love you' like adding money to our travel fund!! :)

I truly hope I'm not forgetting anyone or anything! This has been an incredible year of getting to know so many amazing couples, their families, and their friends! Thank you to everyone who touched our lives this year, and I can't even begin to imagine how any other year could top this one! We love you all and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your families!

PS: Gifts are in NO WAY necessary to ensure you hold a special place in my heart! I just really wanted to share this public thank you during this week of Thanksgiving because I truly am so grateful, honored, and moved that anyone would ever think to send their wedding photographer a special gift! <3