I just read this article provided by Wedding Wire, and I'm pretty excited about what my branding colors communicate! I didn't know any of this when I chose these colors...I just picked colors that made me happy! :)


As you can see above, my colors are teal, yellow, and pink! I love bright colors because they make me feel happy and warm and excited! Which is how I want people to feel about me and my business! Turns out, there are more to these colors than meets the eye! Here's what Wedding Wire's research shows about these three colors:

Blue: The color blue is very popular for branding. It is associated with trust, dependability and strength, it is also universally well-liked.

Yellow: The color yellow is generally associated with the sun. It communicates optimism, positivity, warmth and motivation. It also is the first color that the eye registers, so can be attention grabbing on signage.

Pink: The color pink is associated with femininity, and conveys excitement, romance and youthfulness. Pink’s wide variety of shades can send different messages, from light pink’s sentimental tones to hot pink’s high energy.

I totally agree with these descriptions, and I think they do a great job describing what I try to convey about my business! And if you've ever met me, I think you can back me up on the high energy and positivity haha!! :) And if you haven't met me, you can tell because of my over-use of exclamation points and smiley faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

photo friends:
what do your colors say about you and your business?