Photography is a field that is constantly evolving. Technology is constantly improving, new software/apps are created daily, fantastic and drastically different products are offered by companies across the globe. Complacency is really not an option in this field. So, to be a truly great and relevant photographer, you must be constantly learning. And THAT is one of the things I love most about my job. I loved school, I loved classes...and I love learning! Sure most days I wish I knew it all already and didn't have to learn anymore...but where's the fun in that? :)


For those who've seen some of my last few posts, you know that I recently attended a photography conference in Las Vegas. WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) hosts an annual conference for over 15,000 photographers each year. And while there are classes galore (don't worry, I'll fill you in on those soon), this particular workshop was one of the highlights of my trip.


Katelyn James is one of my absolute favorite photographers, and when I heard she was going to be teaching a small, private workshop for only 18 students...well, I think I bought my ticket without even looking at the cost! I feel such a strong personal connection to Katelyn (even though we didn't meet until Vegas!) because she wears her heart on her sleeve blog. Every time she shares something I'm like "Me too Katelyn! I've felt that way too!" But the main reason I love this girl is because her style and photography most closely resembles everything I strive to be.


Since the day I defined my style as "clean, colorful, bright, and fun" I searched for others who did the same. At the time, every photographer that I admired had a very soft, gentle and romantic style with muted tones and a certain lack of "pop." And while I LOVED their work (and obviously so did Style Me Pretty)...it just wasn't me. I'm kind of the opposite of soft and gentle...I'm loud and bright and I laugh WAY too much. I wanted to make sure that my photos communicated that...I wanted to show warmth and fun and vibrance and POP!


It was hard carving my own path in a world that I didn't think was quite ready for my colorful contrast. And then I stumbled up Katelyn James. As I started to scroll through her images my jaw slowly made it's way lower and lower until it hit the floor. This girl was doing what I was doing! And she was doing it REALLY well. And it made ME want to do it really well. It's almost like she gave me permission to be me. I know it sounds silly...and maybe it is silly. But I loved having permission to be bold and bright in a world of unsaturated softness.


So, that's Katelyn James. My permission giver. And my fellow bright and giggly red head! Now that you know who she is, let's talk about what I learned. THIS GIRL IS A POSING MACHINE! Her Vegas Edition workshop was focused on The Posing Evolution. I thought I was pretty good at posing until I watched this girl rock dozens of poses with the couple never even moving their feet! So, 2013 couples...I hope you are ready to reap the benefits of barely needing to move at all...get ready to get lazy haha! Just kidding, there is no laziness allowed! :)

And while this was definitely a POSING workshop and not a shooting workshop, Katelyn did let us grab a few cute shots while we practiced what we learned. After all, this couple looked way too cute not to be photographed! I am in looooove with the florals from Layers of Lovely. I want that headpiece so bad!


These images aren't really a great example of what I learned since I only brought my 100mm macro lens with me to the shoot, and in order to be truly successful with the posing evolution you should have variety in your lenses to capture wide shots (35mm) and "normal" shots (50mm) and intimate shots (85mm). But, I think it's a pretty good amount of variety considering I was shooting with 18 other photographers in the same teeny tiny space with only one lens! :)


We took a group photo on someone's camera, but I haven't seen it yet. Once I can find it, I'll add it into this post! For now, you'll just have to believe me when I say it was an AWESOME group of photographers who are all extremely talented. And it was wonderful learning along-side them! And they were extremely patient with my millions of questions haha! Thank you Katelyn for bringing us all together for such a wonderful morning!