We dream about our wedding day as little girls. When we get older we start to dream about the man we are going to marry.

Will he be tall? Handsome? Funny?

What color eyes will he have? Beard or no beard? Will he be kind, loving and gentle? How will we meet? What will our first kiss be like? How will he propose?

My answers have finally arrived: Yes, very tall...6'5". Very handsome. Oh so funny. Green eyes. A wonderful red beard. The kindest, most loving, and most gentle man in all the world. We met at CAMP-of-the-WOODS. Our first kiss was...well...our second kiss was great! ;)


And his proposal... 

Yesterday was the day I finally found out. It was our two year anniversary and it was magical. There are a lot of stories I could tell here...like how exactly one year ago Chris brought me to Rockefeller Center and whispered in my ear,

"I promise you magic."

Or how I thought he was going to propose a month ago, but he didn't and I was totally wrong. Or about how I don't like diamonds and just assumed I'd not like any ring given to me. Or how my best friend thoroughly convinced me that he wasn't going to propose until Valentine's Day. 

And that's why I didn't see this coming...not even a little bit. And that's why it was so magical. :)


I grew up 30 minutes outside of Manhattan, but had never been skating on the Rockefeller Center. I always envied people who had the time to do touristy things. So our plan for the day was to be tourists. And that started with skating on the Rockefeller Center. 

After waiting in line for what felt like eternity, we finally got our skates. We skated for about 10 minutes before my feet started to really really hurt (my feet were already frozen due to bad boots). I asked Christopher if we could get off the ice. 


"How about just a few more laps?" 

Really? Was he really going to make me keep skating? That is so unlike him. Okay, I say.

As we skate he fills my ear with so many sweet things...sweet things which I cannot remember. And then he pulls me to the center of the rink.

Is he proposing? No, he wouldn't. Not here in front of all these people.

He got down on one knee – in ice skates!


Oh my gosh, he’s really doing it. Or did he fall?

He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out the most beautiful ring ever.

Without thinking I exclaimed, "It’s beautiful!” It wasn't a diamond. It was a cluster of rubies and black pearls on a gold band. It was perfect.

“Is that a yes?” Naturally, I said, “Yes, of course it’s a yes!”

And we kissed to the sound of hundreds of people cheering and applauding. We took a victory lap to the sound of hundreds of people cheering and applauding. And we exited the rink to sound of…you get the point!


We had the whole day in NYC to celebrate! So we went to the first place that came to mind, and that was also right across the street...St. Patrick's Cathedral.


Then we walked around and did some shopping. All the while referring to each other as "fiance" and "future wife" and "my groom-to-be" etc. etc. I think at least 5 or 6 people congratulated us throughout the day. I was wearing a bright yellow coat so it was easy to be recognized as "the girl who got engaged."


Later on we had dinner at the coolest sushi place ever. There is a conveyor belt around the whole restaurant and you can just grab a plate and dig in. All of the plates are color coded to a price, and they just tally it up at the end.


We ended the day with another big tourist attraction - the Empire State Building. Even though our feet were numb, the line moved slower than molasses, and it was freezing & windy at the top, it was still so perfectly magical!


Lastly, the ring. My wonderful incredible amazingly beautiful ring. It belonged to Christopher's grandmother who possibly got it from her mother! A family heirloom! :)


I love you Christopher. I can't wait to finally be married to you! :)