Ahhhh part three of my incredible Western adventure! I began this journey in Vegas and traveled through the desert to Santa Barbara, then spent 5 days in the woods with some amazing photographers, and then finally Christopher arrived and we spent a week soaking up southern California! We stayed in Manhattan Beach but didn't actually spend much time there. We spent a day walking from the Venice Beach pier to the Santa Monica pier - I saw my first LEGIT hippie and worked out on Muscle Beach!  We rode the super famous Pacific Park ferris wheel and had fish tacos on the pier.

The next day we walked around Hollywood and were thoroughly disappointed...other than the stars on the sidewalk and some really good sushi, there wasn't much else going on. But we visited some old friends in San Pedro for dinner so that made up for it! After a kind of icky LA day, we decided we needed a break and drove down to San Diego to visit some other friends! This adventure was my favorite part of the trip...


Our friends are in La Jolla, so we had to stop at La Jolla Cove to see the baby seals! SO CUTE!


PCH = my favorite highway on earth.


Oh hey squirrely!


Balboa Park was an absolute favorite for us both! You have to go there! I mean, just look at those crazy trees!! I couldn't stop day dreaming about all the amazing spots to photograph an engaged couple or bride and groom! Someday!! :)


Look ma, no hands!


I was pretending to be this Dilophosaurus from Jurassic Park! I don't think my face got the memo though...look scary, not scared!


If I were an evil dictator, my power would be to make everyone in the world change all their doors to be this door! #cassifordictator


Since we didn't leave our friends until like 3:00 a.m., we ended up crashing in San Diego for the night. After an unforgettable breakfast at the Great Maple, we turned a two-hour drive back to LA into a 6 hour drive...we stopped everywhere we wanted to stop and envied the lives of everyone in Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, and Huntington Beach! And on our last day, we did what any self-respecting Six Flags season pass holder would do...visited Magic Mountain! :)

California, we love you oh-so-much and cannot wait to be back again!