What is a "Day After Session," you ask? It's a time for the couple to get all dressed up again (just like they did on the day of the wedding) for more pictures! There are a couple of reasons for a Day After Session, but the main reason is not having enough time on the day of the wedding for photos of the bride and groom. No matter how hard we all try to stick to the timeline, things happen. Such is life.  Ilker and Aylin had the perfect timeline which should have allowed for plenty of portrait time...but, this is NYC. Between closed bridges and hours of traffic, we slowly lost our big-spacious-window for pictures. Although I think we did a pretty good job in the 15 minutes that we had, it was definitely not enough! So Ilker and Aylin opted to get all gussied up again and meet me in Central Park! :)

How cute is Ilker? He perfected her dress for every single shot! What an incredible man! :)

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