Sarah and Kevin have pretty much the coolest "how we met" story of all time! Kevin is an aviation controller. Sarah worked at an aviation museum. Sarah was used to most of the museum visitors being...let's just say...out of her age range. So when Kevin showed up that day, she excitedly introduced herself! Kevin's response was on the shy side, so she assumed he wasn't interested.

"Oh well," she thought.

Sometime later, Sarah was all buckled in and seated, patiently waiting as passengers continued to board the flight. As the line of people passed her, she recognized a familiar face!

"Ah, it's that cute guy from the museum!" she thought.

Kevin apparently noticed her too because he later approached her and wasn't so shy this time! During their conversation, the pilot announced that "this is not a full flight, so feel free to sit wherever you want."

Kevin asked Sarah to sit with him, and they talked the entire flight!

After a few months of texting, Sarah found herself on yet another airplane. This time Kevin wasn't there, but after the plane landed the pilot made one last announcement... "and a special welcome home to Sarah from control!" The rest, as they say, was history! 


It's like a real-life movie!  What are the chances of an aviation controller and an aviation museum lady reuniting ON A PLANE?! That's some divine intervention if I've ever seen it! Kevin and Sarah chose the Frelinghuysen Arboretum in Morristown, NJ for their engagement session!

In addition to their shared love of aviation, the two also love to visit the houses of past presidents! So this charming colonial-style home was yet another surprise by fate! 

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