Almost exactly a year ago today, we launched a contest giving away a FREE destination wedding collection. My friends thought I was nuts, but I knew this was something I had to do. And THIS is why we listen to our gut when it whispers (screams) at us! Gabe and Meg are the most lovely of people inside and out. I can’t imagine not having the chance to work with them! When we first read their entry form, we instantly connected over our shared love of Parks & Rec, ice cream, and life’s hilarious moments. And guess what?! All of those things also appeared on their wedding day! From the cutest ice cream cart in lieu of cake to the custom calligraphy “I love you and I like you” wooden sign, it was super obvious that this wedding belonged to Megan and Gabe!

We started the day high in the clouds on the very top of the Malibu mountains! As the clouds pushed out, the sky opened up to a beautiful blue and PERFECT breeze. After an emotional First Look, we descended the mountain towards the Malibu West Beach Club - where we were greeted with a light-filled reception room and a gorgeous view of the beach! Let’s get started shall we?!?

Gabe, describe Megan in 5 words:

"Ambitious, Thoughtful, BIG Heart, Supportive, HOT (mainly temperature lol), #FrickinCrazypants"

Megan, describe Gabe in 5 words:

"Genuine, Caring, Methodical, Inquisitive, Supportive"

When Gabe proposed to Meg, there were two main characters involved: Gabe’s car + Keystone Mountain. Knowing this, I knew we needed to find an epic view to accompany his beautiful little red Porsche. Success? Success.

Pretty sure sunset on the beach was my favorite part of the day! THAT GLOW.

What are you most excited about for your wedding day?

“I'm massively excited to share this whole day with our closet friends and family, but being a bit introverted means that the intimate moments that Megan and I get to soak up, recharge, and just smile at each other will make me immensely happy!” - Gabe

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Venue: Malibu West Beach Club • Florist: Allen's Flower Market • Photography: Cassi Claire • Hair & Makeup: The Face of Beauty • Robes: PoppylovePetal • The Dress: Allure Bridals • Maids Attire: Kennedy Blue • Men's Attire: Menguin • Music: Hey Mister DJ • Ice Cream Cart: Malibu Yogurt & Ice Cream • Film: The FIND Lab

Cassi Claire is a California, New York & Destination wedding photographer
that specializes in vineyard, estate, and waterfront weddings!