My husband is Scottish. He has his family's Scottish clan tattooed on his back. He has green eyes and a red beard. He has a REAL kilt of his family's tartan.

So obviously, Scotland is at the very top of our bucket list! Never in a million years did I imagine that my photography would make it to Scotland before we did!! Earlier this year I photographed Scottish couple, Lorna and Andrew, at their NYC City Hall elopement - which was incredible to say the least! Even more incredible was the email I received after delivering their wedding images:

"Guess what?? I have a friend who works for a magazine in Scotland who has said they are the best wedding photos he has seen. Your photography is brilliant. He wants to put the photos in the magazine!"

Um...{picks jaw up off floor}...brilliant?!

Let's just say it took a while to sink in, and even as I hold the "glossy" (like People magazine for Scotland) in my hands, I still have to pinch myself! (I'm starting to get a little sore...bah-dum-cha!) It is insanely amazing to see my photos printed in a real magazine. AN INTERNATIONAL PUBLICATION!?! Sorry, it just hit me again. Aaaaaand, I'm back. I'm so so happy for Lorna and Andrew, and so excited that their beautiful international elopement is published for all of Scotland to see! :)


In case you need me, I'll be the one with her head in the clouds dreaming about visiting Scotland! :)