We're coming up on the almost a year of having our beautiful kitties Penny and Sasha, and I thought it's time they make it onto the blog!! Seeing as they keep me sane while working from home with no other humans, I can't believe I haven't talked about them sooner!! And yes, we are those super annoying people who refer to them as "our babies" - until I pop a real one out, they come pretty close! After all, we do feed them, clean up their poop, and yell at them when they break things. Sounds like kids to me! :)

At a little over a year old, they are just as cute as the day we brought them home!  They aren't birth sisters, but they might as well be. They were both rescued from the streets of NYC and traveled from shelter to foster care together. They had become best friends! They depended on each other for safety. The kept each other warm and cleaned one another. Now that they have a cozy and safe home, they don't snuggle together nearly as often...but they do run around the house wrestling each other! I love them so so much! :)

So, without further ado...meet Penny and Sasha! Penny is on the left - she's super friendly, snuggly, copper-toned (hence the name Penny), and demands almost as much attention as I do!  Sasha is a little more timid, but she is super friendly when it's just me and Chris. When we have company, Sasha can be found hiding under our bed! If you stay over for more than 30 mins, she'll eventually come out of the bedroom, sniff you, look at you like you've come to kidnap her, and run away! I stinkin' love them and their awesome personalities!! Okay, now I need to go wake them up from their naps...it's when they're the snuggliest! :)